A tired dude with too many hobbies.Here you'll find all my socials and shop!
If you're looking to place a custom order with me please read the customs tab under 'Shop'~

Monthly Clubs! (●´ω`●)

Hello, hello! Here you'll find all the info on my different clubs I offer and how to join!

Let's start off with my club types!
I offer 3 clubs currently.
All clubs come with random candy, stickers, cosplay prints, and other small goodies!
Resin Art - This club is for all the resin charms, pins, coasters, and sometimes even larger items! I have many examples on my shop tab if you'd like to see Every month is something different! Usually they're anime or gaming themed.
Bubbly club - You'll receive 3-5 soaps each month! I do typically try to have certain themes for these, especially around the holidays! Most my soaps are vegan aside from my honey soap, and tussah silk soaps :) If you have ANY allergies or questions please feel free to message me!
Dragon's Hoard Club - This club is for all my dice hoarders! I make a random set each month and ship them to you!
I offer a few clubs that combine my smaller clubs. These are for people who can't decide on just one, and there is a bit of a discount for these as well.
Click here to view all clubsI've upgraded my website and all clubs are now available in my main shop!
These are all subscription based! However I do have 1, 3, 6, or 12 month options!
If you choose to pre pay for multiple months you will get a discount
Just make sure to cancel your subscription after purchasing those months or it WILL charge you the following month as well!
People also seem to like the multiple month choice because you can take advantage of Afterpay.

I typically announce the new monthly themes on the 1st of every month.
Below you will find the current themes!
PLEASE keep in mind you pay for rewards the month before they come out! And I try to plan holiday items the month before the actual holiday, so you have time to enjoy them for the season!
Example; You Pay in October, you receive Christmas soaps in mid November.

On this page you'll find the artists I work with!
They do the art for my online persona, all my social media art, and any of the art I use in my charms I make on etsy! Please show them all the love and support, they're amazing!
Click their usernames below to check out their social media・゚✧*:・゚✧

This is my main artist and friend Rotten Unikorn! He does all my art for my twitch panels, Youtube videos, emotes, and even is the artist for the special charm collabs I release on my etsy! He's amazing and SO talented!
Almost all the art of Dyvex you see, are done by this artist~
Here's some examples of work he's done for me!

This is my artist and amazing friend Eliza [Lizoness]
We have quite a few collabs planned, and have started with these cute Pokemon charms!
She's also an incredible tattoo artist, and I actually have 2 tats from her myself~
You should definitely click on her name above and check out her instagram!
Here's some examples of her work below.

✧Jackie's Gaming Art✧

Jackie is one of my newest artist I work with! She has amazing, vibrant art and specializes in gaming character art!

✧The Loch Nessy✧

Nessy is a Vtuber, like me! She does a lot of streamer assets, and has super cute, crisp art. I highly recommend her for streaming content and art!
She's even done several of my assets I use in my streams~


This is another one of my newest artists!
Elliot is another anime lover, and we plan on doing lots of anime collabs that I'm sure you'll all love! Check out their work and give 'em some support!


These are all items I frequently make customs of. Custom orders are always open, but are strictly first come first serve. If you need something by a certain day, please check with me first and we can possibly work something out.
I have my commissions queue public on [here] where you can check the status of your order at any time.
Obviously the more open orders in my queue, the longer it may take for your order to be completed depending on the item, and when you order.
I do all customs strictly over messages on Facebook, instagram, or etsy. I need to be able to communicate easily with you for customs.
I take payment via FB Messenger, cashapp, OR if you prefer I can also make a custom etsy listing for you for a small additional fee.
My base prices include shipping fees to ANYWHERE IN THE UNITED STATES. If you are out of the country, we will need to discuss shipping fees and they vary depending on your location.I do not like to rush my items unless needed. Rushed work makes sloppy work.
I work a day job as a dog groomer, and have several side jobs as well as my shop here. So please understand that between that, me having Sundays off to myself, and my limited desk space it may take several weeks or even months for very large orders, to be completed.
Epoxy resin takes up to about 3 days to fully cure on top of everything else. I don’t want to send anyone bendy items.
My inbox is ALWAYS open to you! I will try to answer any and all questions :)
Just please understand I may not be able to respond right away.


Small-Medium items

XL Paw print coasters/Trays$25 USD eachSet of 4: 85USD
Custom Coasters/Mini traysBase design: $15 USDSet of 4: $50USD
Custom image: $20 USDSet of 4: $65USD 
Custom dice setsPrices vary between $35 USD - $65 USD 
Custom Moon blade$40 USD 
Custom Pokemon Card Gameboy$30 USD 
Custom phone/controller standBase design: $25 USD 
Stand with custom image: $35 USD  
Custom mystical kitty - Available as charm, pin, or necklace$20 USD 
Custom mystical fox - Available as charm, pin, or necklace$25 USD 

Mini shelves

Moon shelfPrices start at $55 USDLED lights are an additional $10
Cherry blossom shelf Prices start at $65 USDLED lights are an additional $10
Custom bat shelfPrices start at $85 USDLED lights are an additional $10
Mini pocky shelfPrices start at $55 USD LED lights are an additional $10